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Indulge with Iguana’s Desserts by Kim Chance

As a lover of great desserts, it is safe to say that Iguana can deliver Instagram worthy dishes that will not only make your followers drool but will have you full to the brim with an appeased sweet tooth.

Dessert, for me, is about feeling indulgence. It is about being satisfied and treating myself. Iguana embraces you in their atmosphere of natural warmth. The restaurant has an innate presence where you feel comfortable and at home. You feel engulfed in a comfortably fancy ambience where you know you are experiencing a contemporary and modern event but you are in a casual enough setting to be yourself. The easy-going, yet up-market restaurant, with an open kitchen and candle lit atmosphere, makes a wonderfully relaxed dining experience.

For me, I can’t say no to a cheesecake. Chocolate, French, strawberry or cookies and cream; I will not turn down a cheesecake. They are the traditional, go –to dessert that EVERYONE loves and I am not one to unnecessarily change a very good thing. Besides, life needs simplifying, and when simple is done well, it can be extravagant, delicious, and oh so satisfying! Iguana have tuned into this and they know that, despite the coming and going of dessert trends, you always need a good cheesecake to pacify the palette. I was more than satisfied with my berry filled cheesecake; the sophisticated presentation made me feel luxurious while my stomach was delighted by the cheesecake itself.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I am a dessert girl with a sweet tooth; this trait is one that I was lucky enough to inherit from my Nan. I will ALWAYS check the dessert menu of a restaurant first because for me it dictates the rest of my dining path. If the dessert menu lacks creativity, tradition or something that is genuinely sweet then I know that I am going to go with the FULL rack of ribs and the large cocktail and tell the waiter or waitress not to worry about the dessert menu BUT… if the dessert menu oozes traditional dishes with a splash of uniqueness then I know my sweet tooth is going to be pampered and so I can appease my diet with a small amount of savory food readying my body for what is to come.

Dessert has been deemed ‘bad’. It is a course that has become seen as an unhealthy option and if you indulge in such treats you have no self-control. But dessert is about SO MUCH MORE than physical health; it is about mental health too. Within our stressful lives indulging in a treat, in moderation, you can find that dessert is actually restorative and helpful. Dessert should purely be about enjoying the process of eating; it can be the most anticipated and enjoyed meal of your experience that doesn’t need to detriment your health.

Indulge with Iguana… I will be because there is no substitute for dessert just like there is no substitute for indulgence.